Can I tell if my home has a high level of radon without testing?

No, testing is the only way to know whether your home contains high levels of radon. Since radon gas is invisible and tasteless, human senses cannot detect its presence; to know for certain whether your home contains high levels of radon you must conduct a test.

Note that radon can be present in homes of any age, size and construction type – including newer or better ventilated properties – so a radon test should always be conducted to detect its presence and reduce long-term exposure risks. If high levels are detected it’s essential that mitigating measures are put in place immediately in order to reduce long-term exposure risks and mitigate them effectively.

Radon is an established carcinogen and second only to smoking as the leading cause of lung cancer. Long-term exposure to high levels of radon increases risk, particularly among smokers or those who have had lung cancer in their family history.

Radon gas is created when soil, rock and water break down naturally over time to release naturally occurring uranium into the environment. It can enter homes through cracks in their foundation, gaps around pipes or cables and other openings – so regardless of your home location it’s essential that it be tested regularly for radon levels.

Testing for radon can be relatively easy and affordable, with numerous DIY radon test kits readily available. Once high levels of radon have been identified, steps should be taken to reduce them; such as sealing foundation cracks or increasing ventilation. A mitigation system may also help.

As mentioned above, it’s impossible to tell whether your home contains high levels of radon without testing. Conducting a radon test is the only sure way of knowing for certain whether your home contains elevated radon levels which pose serious health risks. If you suspect high radon levels in your home it is crucial that immediate steps are taken in order to mitigate them and reduce long-term exposure risks.

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