Can you run the dryer during radon test?

As part of any radon test, it is generally advised that large appliances that create airflow such as dryers should be turned off during operation to minimize potential errors that may skew test results through introduction of outside air or changing patterns within your home’s circulation system.

For optimal radon test results, it’s crucial to conduct tests under closed-house conditions – that means keeping all doors and windows shut except those used for entry/exit purposes – which ensures a stable indoor environment that accurately represents typical levels in your home. This ensures the results reflect how radon affects living environments like your own.

If using a dryer during a radon test, make sure that it does not produce significant air movement that might compromise test results. Consult a professional testing service or certified mitigation contractor for advice on how best to utilize appliances without altering accuracy of results.

Overall, for accurate radon test results it is generally advised that large appliances like the dryer be avoided during testing sessions.

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