Can you use window AC during radon test?

As part of any radon test, it is highly advised that all windows and doors, including those used for air conditioning systems, remain as closed as possible, including those used to regulate indoor climate. Open windows or doors could allow outside air to enter your home and distort results of the radon test.

If it is impossible to turn off a window air conditioning unit during your radon test, sealing around it using tape or weather stripping is recommended to reduce outside air from entering your home and ensure accurate results from your radon testing procedure. Keep in mind, however, that even with such measures in place accuracy of results could still be compromised.

As a rule, it’s wise to follow the testing instructions provided with your radon test kit as they may include specific recommendations regarding use of air conditioning or ventilation systems during the test.

If you are uncertain whether to use window air conditioning units during a radon test, or are uncertain if air conditioning should be utilized during preparations for one, consult with a professional radon testing service or certified mitigation contractor who can give specific guidance as to how you should prepare your home and whether air conditioning should be included as part of the preparations for testing. They can give expert guidance regarding which air conditioning system(s) will best serve their purposes for testing purposes.

Note that radon levels can change throughout the day and seasons; during winter months when homes are typically closed up tighter, ventilation decreases, increasing radon levels. Therefore, conducting at least 48-hour tests under closed-house conditions – that means keeping all windows and doors closed except those required for entry/exit – is strongly encouraged for proper analysis of radon.

Overall, it is best practice to close all windows and doors as much as possible during a radon test, including air conditioning units used for window units. If unsure as to whether using your window AC during testing is permitted or necessary, consult with an independent professional radon testing service or certified mitigation contractor for guidance.

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