How a radon mitigation contractor would fix their own house?

Radon is a radioactive gas found naturally in soil that seeps into homes through cracks in foundation walls, potentially leading to higher exposure levels that can lead to lung cancer and an increased risk of damage. Mitigation contractors specialize in installing them designed to reduce levels, but what happens if one needs repairs on their own house?

Here are the steps a radon mitigation contractor would take in order to fix their own house:

1. Locate Entry Points

Once the radon levels have been calculated, a contractor would conduct an inspection to detect where radon may be entering their home, such as cracks in the foundation, gaps around pipes and wires, or any other openings in its structure.

2. Seal Entry Points

In addition to installing them contractors should take measures to seal any entry points where radon might enter the home, such as filling cracks in the foundation or sealing gaps around pipes and wires – in order to block it from entering. This may involve filling any cracks in foundation, sealing gaps around pipes and wires or taking other preventive steps that would block its entrance into the residence.

3. Conduct another Radon Levels Check

Once the mitigation and entry points have been sealed, a contractor would retest for radon levels to make sure that their work has succeeded in lowering them to safe levels. This ensures that residents’ radon exposure has been significantly decreased.

Conclusion: In general, radon mitigation contractors would take the same steps when fixing their own home as they would when fixing anyone else’s. This includes testing for radon levels, identifying entry points, installing them to counter them and sealing entryways before retesting for levels. By following these steps they can ensure their family remains free from exposure to radon gas.

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