How do I test for radon during a real estate transaction?

Testing for radon during a real estate transaction can be done several ways. Here are a few options:

1. Hire a Professional: Hiring a certified radon professional will allow them to bring all of the required equipment and conduct the test according to EPA guidelines, providing a report with their results.

2. DIY test Kit: You can purchase a DIY radon test kit from either a hardware store or online and conduct the test yourself, carefully following all instructions included with it and sending your kit off for analysis in a laboratory.

3. Request Seller Disclosures: It’s wise to request that the seller provide you with a radon test report from a certified radon professional; however, be mindful that this report might not be recent and conduct your own test for greater peace of mind.

Note that certain states mandate radon testing during real estate transactions, so be sure to research and comply with any regulations in your area. Furthermore, if high levels of radon are discovered it’s crucial that mitigation options be discussed with an accredited professional immediately.

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